Our Stroke Correction Program

Our Stoke Correct level is where children have a good understanding of all 4 strokes and we work to help your child refine these stroke to ensure there technique is the most effective. During this level we prepare them for moving to a mini squad in one of our local clubs. they will be confident with all starts and turns and be able to completed and Individual medley in a variety of distance increaser their insurance in all 4 strokes.

Age Level



  • Refining all the major strokes
  • Advancing the arms, breathing and kicking skills
  • Demonstrating start, underwater, recovery and finish skills
  • Optimising movement with precision
  • Increasing muscle endurance and speed
  • Preparing for club level training

Duration & Ratio

1:7 per 45mins Lesson

Class Day & Time

Monday – Friday
between 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Please contact us for exact class day and time.


$20.50 per 45mins lesson

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