How much for the lessons?

$21.50 for Weekday Lessons
$22.50 for Weekend Lessons

How do I pay for lessons?

Lessons are paid for in advance via direct debit for the following month money will be debited on 20th of each month.

How do I register for lessons?

Please contact us today to arrange lessons.

When can I start?

As soon as possible when we receive you message we can start arranging classes.

When my child is sick/away?

Make up lesson

  • Make up lesson is only available when it is given PRIOR the lesson begins. (call before 9am for the morning class and 3:30pm before the afternoon class)
  • No Notification = No Make Up Lesson.
    Contact us via the following for ABSENCE and MAKE UP LESSON
    SMS: 0449-557-671 e.g. john smith away 4pm class on 14/2
  • Make up lesson will forfeit if is NOT taken before 30/6 (missed lesson is before 30/6) OR 31/12 (missed lesson after 1/7) each year.
  • Make up can be done before or after the expected absence, and it can be extended with a valid medical certificate)
  • Should your child miss the lesson in the very last week of the financial year, the make up lesson can be carried on to the next half of the year.
  • Make up can ONLY be done while your child is enrolled into the program, NOT using it as a credit for re-enrolment.
  • Every make up lesson incurs an addition $2 administration fee per child. (except private lesson OR presence of valid medical certificate from GP or ALLIED HEALTH PRACTITIONER)
  • $2 per make up lesson will be charged in each billing cycle
  • Medical Certificate MUST cover the period from the day of the missed lesson
  • Once the make up is arranged, changes is NOT allowed and if you miss the make up lesson, then the make up lesson is forfeited. (except the presence of valid medical certificate)
  • Make up lesson can NOT be used as credit for the next month.
  • Joyous Swim School tries our best to suit your availability for the make up lesson.
  • However, if you can only commit on the day where you regular class is. You can either do double make up lesson (subject to availability) or forfeit the make up. There is NO refund/ credit for the make up lesson that you can not make it.
  • Joyous Swim School can NOT guarantee the make up lesson is the same as your regular class teacher. It depends on day, time and availability of the classes.